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A Church Courtyard Baptism with Ceramic Decor and Sunflowers

Our Food Truck - Mobile Van goes everywhere! This time it found its way to little Konstantinos's baptism. Hosted in the verdant courtyard of a church, the ceremony was followed by diverse catering choices for every palate.

Our Mobile Van featured a Freddo Espresso Station, Refreshments, and a Buffet of Exquisite Tastes

Guests of Konstantinos reveled in iced coffee from our Freddo Espresso Bar, and savored selections of hot and cold dishes alongside refreshing, freshly squeezed beverages like homemade lemonade and sour cherry juice. Our Ice -Cream Bar served a variety of Italian ice cream flavors, with various toppings while our buffet offered everything from cold tortillas to savory hot dogs and burgers, complemented by crisp salads and an assortment of sauces.

Baptism Decor Inspired by Paisley Patterns and Florals

Konstantinos's baptism was adorned with ceramic vases and utensils brimming with wildflowers, including vibrant yellow sunflowers and purple blooms, alongside a candy bar laden with cookies, sweets, and treats. Paisley motifs in shades of light and dark blue decorated the invitations, backdrops and signs infusing every aspect of the baptism with the chosen theme.

Thank you for entrusting us with this special day. We extend our best wishes for happiness to little Konstantinos


Food Truck – Mobile Bar – Espresso Bar – Ice cream Bar: Petit Camion

Event Planner: Bomboniere Farfalina

Photography: Otravista Photography


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