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Charming Baby Boy Baptism Adorned with Burlap and Vivid Florals

We gathered for a delightful boy's baptism at the chapel of Agios Vasileios in the Regional Unit of Thessaloniki, where simplicity met elegance through linen textures and vibrant flowers. The church's courtyard transformed into a haven of culinary delight, offering exquisite Finger Foods paired with fine wines, chilled cocktails, and a variety of refreshing beverages.

Culinary Choices: The Heart of Memorable Celebrations

The trend of street-style Finger Food gains popularity across baptisms, weddings, birthdays and corporate events more and more. At Petit Camion, we embrace this trend by crafting customized Finger Food menu that reflect the unique preferences of our parents, couples, individuals, ensuring the success of the event.

For this special occasion, the parents selected from our array of menu options, allowing us to tailor a culinary experience designed to impress everyone! The menu included starters, hot and cold dishes, fresh salads, and vegetarian options. Our Food Truck-Mobile Van served homemade lemonade, soft drinks, and a selection of wines. The buffet featured an array of choices, including savory meats, mini burgers, hot dogs, vegetarian-friendly cold salmon tarts, cold pasta salad, and much more.

We wholeheartedly wish for your little one to bring endless joy to your lives!"


Food Truck – Mobile Van – Espresso Bar – Ice-Cream Bar: Petit Camion

Photography: Arte Di tre Photography

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