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The Baptism of Naya and Anastasis: A Serene Celebration at Agios Vasileios Chapel, Thessaloniki

The baptism of the twins, Naya and Anastasis, unfolded in a beautiful ceremony at the Agios Vasilios Chapel, set against the romantic backdrop of Thessaloniki. The venue was adorned with a harmonious blend of orange and pink flowers, complemented by white pampas grass. Following the spiritual ceremony, guests enjoyed an exquisite catering experience. They tasted an array of finger foods, frosty beverages, homemade refreshments, delicious desserts, and more.

Exquisite Catering Featuring Finger Foods and Refreshing Beverages

In collaboration with the twins' parents, we curated a bespoke menu that catered to their vision, offering a variety of hot and cold culinary delights. Guests savored hot dishes like hot dogs, mini burgers, and skewers, alongside cold selections such as chicken or turkey tortillas, vegetable tortillas for our vegetarian friends, pasta salad, and bruschetta topped with mozzarella, tomato, and pesto. Thirsts were quenched with a diverse range of homemade refreshments, including freshly squeezed lemonade and cherry soda, alongside a selection of chilled wines and beers.

The buffet area buzzed with guests who returned time and again, eager to indulge in the diverse culinary tastes

Our Food Truck-Mobile Van served fresh homemade drinks and cold wines, ensuring there was something for everyone. Mobile Van and Candy Bar was elegantly decorated with balloons and delicate pampas grass flowers. The candies included delicious cookies, soft cupcakes, French vanilla macarons, and cake pops, all adorned with flowers matching the baptism's color palette.

Choosing us for the baptism of Naya and Anastasis, the parents ensured that their guests left with lasting impressions from the Wine & Refreshments Station on our Refreshment Station, marking an unforgettable baptism!


Food Truck – Mobile Van – Espresso Bar – Ice Cream: Petit Camion

Styling: Eprepe Events

Photography: Maria Mintsidou Photography

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